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We are here to make finding an Indian casino online much more easier. 90% of the hard work is done for you, you only now need to decide which of the top 10 online Indian casinos you’ll be playing in. This is a complete guide to gambling online with reputable and licensed services in India.

Which Indian casino online is the best? Our top 3 breakdown the options for you

1 Spin Casino
2 Royal Vegas
3 All Slots

Step into your new and exciting Indian online casino and be blown away

We’ve loaded up our site with the best casinos online, ten of them to be exact. Given the incredible rate to which online operators are joining the market, you might find yourself swapped with loads of casino options, some good, some bad and some that are just not safe to play in from a legal sense. So, we are here to help through this online casino guide, to bring you the best legal sites on the market, from which you will obtain the best services and features.

We’ve years of experience in the industry working for casinos and playing against then. Our mission to provide this service was simple; help to steer players from the worst sites to make their money safe and guide them to the best sites where they have an opportunity to make more money that is risk-free. Your goal is to now pick where you will end up playing to win.

A new online casino for a new adventure

The online gambling India market is relatively new compared with other countries. The laws surrounding the requirements of the Indian casino online are fairly the same for other players in America, Canada, Australia and even South Africa. The laws are simple to understand because of the complexities that online gaming has over the powers that be. In essence, gambling online is not illegal in India. It is not banned and the rule to be within the law is simple. All players must not gamble with sites registered within India. Therefore, your only option, like for many players across the world, is to gamble within overseas-based casinos. This means the online sites, though global, must be registered outside of India’s borders.

The casinos found here in our selection of top 10 sites are all licensed by foreign gambling bodies. They are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) and have each met to the approval and standards of the India gambling board.

You now have access to sites which are enjoyed by many Indian players around the world, built especially for those that are able to play with the rupee currency and wish to win more of the same whilst playing the biggest online casino games, slots, live tables and sports betting options ever made and created.

See what goes in within a quality casino online

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In forming a top ten list for Indian online casinos we had to take the many ‘legal’ numbers available, we took away the sites which were an obvious risk and not legal. Of the 50 odd that were left, we began to run comprehensive background checks on their business owners and licensing credentials because some do go out of date and are not renewed!

This is 50 percent of the work done for you, the next 40% is done through checking the quality of the service inside of the casino.

From our online casino reviews, you are able to read about what we test through each site. You will discover from reading them what games they have for their members, what software is used to protect them, what customer support is available should it be needed, how to bank your deposits and withdrawals. We also inform you of the latest online casino promotion that allows for free gaming, which, in turn, means having the possibility to win real money for free.

Services of your Indian casino online

To help give you an idea of what each of the India online casino providers actually provide, here is a brief overview of the five areas of the casino we check and then compare to form our top 10 list.

✅ Games: We only supply casinos that offer the full range of games, slots, tables and live sports betting. You will be guaranteed a minimum of 500 games per site. You will have progressive jackpots, slots, roulette, bingo, craps, blackjack, poker, sic bo, baccarat, scratch cards, keno and all the variants of these games made available.

✅ Software: Putting security first, you are guaranteed that each site is legally allowed to be of service to players inside India. That each site is built with the latest SSL software to protect players from hacks or fraud and that they are compatible with all devices including mobile.

✅ Promotions: Guaranteed free welcome bonuses. You will have the option to begin your first round of games with a number of free spins and/or extra rupee credit to play your favourite games for free. There will also be further options from the casino’s promo page with more bonuses, offers and rewards available through your time as a member.

✅ Banking: Secure, fast and reputable banking services are provided. They include Visa/MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, Bitcoin, EcoPayz, Bank Transfer and PayPal amongst others. Both traditional and alternative payment services will help support and secure your deposits and withdrawals risk-free.

✅ Support: If you need help there will be teams from all the casinos on a 24/7 working program. They are easily contactable via email and live chat. All sites promise an immediate response with your issue cleared same day.

Your favourite will be the best online casino in India for you

Because the best casino sites are licensed, they are also regulated. Having a regulated site provides you with assurances. 1. That the games and slots you play are checked and tested for fairness each month. The benefit of this is you are obviously not cheated and you are in a position to win more frequently. 2. All services and features i.e. the bonuses, are checked to give players honest information and details. So, from this, you get exactly what you are told and all the small print is made clear to understand.

Ready to experience the online casino entertainment?

Which Indian casino online will you be joining today? If you wish to view the sites directly, you don’t need to be a member first. From our top 10 list, you can head directly to the websites and look around to see how the casinos present their service. Sometimes it is better to see the place you can win life-changing fortunes from, rather than trying to visualize it through descriptions. That said we hope our reviews are transparent enough to help you realize just how amazing they are before seeing it for yourself.

Best of luck playing and thank you for stopping by our website.